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Joyful - Uplifting/Balancing Blend

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JOYFUL - Uplifting/Balancing Blend


Balancing and Uplifting Blend

Essentially You Oils' Joyful, provides a  combination of floral and citrus essential oils, it promotes a positive mood and feelings of confidence. Essentially You Oils Joyful is the perfect blend for those moments when you need to be revitalized. This exciting blend provides an invigorating combination of essential oils that can elevate your mood and increase your energy. Essentially You Oils Joyful combines the uplifting and euphoric floral  and citrus scents of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, CorianderTangerineJasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa and Rose essential oils. 

• Produces an aroma that brings joy to the heart, mind, and soul
• Supplies an uplifting aroma  
• Creates a joyful and happy aromatic experience when applied to wrists or heart


  • Place 1-2 drops on wrist and rub together to create an uplift your mind and spirits.
  • Place 2–3 drops on a damp cloth and throw it in the dryer to help freshen your laundry.
  • Put a few drops in a warm bath for a spa-like experience and a blissful, relaxing aroma.
  • Diffuse Joyous to create an atmosphere of happiness throughout your home.

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