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The legend of Medusa is one that many are familiar with, she is generally known for turning people to stone when they make eye contact with her. That said, the Metal Medusa Ultrasonic Diffuser is a way to turn mind, body, and soul illnesses to stone by use of aromatherapy oils. You will love this diffuser not only because of its intricate and beautiful appearance but for its functionality as well.

How It Works:

It is rather simple, really. The unit gets plugged in and there are two buttons; one to turn it on and the other to turn the 7 color-changing LEDs on. Then, by means of ultrasonic vibrations, the fragrance or essential oils are diffused with the water. Traditionally, diffusers worked by heating the oils, however, this was proven to hinder the benefits, while ultrasonic technology helps all benefits be received.

Why It Works:

The mind, body, soul trinity is one that is hard to keep in balance, but with the help of our powerful diffusers and scented oils, it can be a little easier to obtain that balance. It really is as simple as placing tap water - yes tap water - into the ultrasonic vibration diffuser and effortlessly receiving numerous therapeutic properties in a matter of seconds. This revolutionary diffuser is sure to fly off of your shelves.


  • Easy to Use
  • 100 ML
  • 7 Color LED Lights
  • Available in Black & White