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Metal is very powerful in alchemy. It is known for anchoring in the negative energy and transmuting it into something more positive. At Essentially You Oils, we wanted to revolutionize the entire diffusing experience and believe we achieved that with our Metal Charm Ultrasonic Diffusers. They not only diffuse fragrance and essential oils in a way that is more beneficial to humans, but they also create an entire healing experience, even visually!

How It Works:

All of our diffusers are user friendly. We always have our customers’ satisfaction as our first priority. The buttons on the front of the diffuser turn it on and change the colors of the LED light surrounding the diffuser. It truly makes for the best night-light, as it is beautiful to look at while being extremely portable.

Why It Works:

Until a few years ago, all diffusers on the market used heat to activate fragrance and essential oils. On top of that, they also required the use of distilled water to continue to work properly. However, it was discovered that the use of heat with oils has a tendency to void many of the benefits that they provide. Rather, the ultrasonic vibrations don’t use heat and encourage the oils to diffuse as they were always intended.


  • Easy to Use
  • 100 ML
  • 7 Color LED Lights
  • Available in Black